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Lovee Aquabike II

Lovee Aquabike II

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Colours :
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Navy Blue
  • Grey
  • Black


picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Sober design

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    316 stainless steel quality resistant to all water treatments

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Light weight, wheels and a soft handle strap for easy movement

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Very comfortable saddle

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Barefoot pedalling

picto-list-fiche-produit.png    Dual handlebar position - Sport or Comfort


plancha emaillee 2 feux creative
Smooth pedaling
plancha inox 2 feux creative

Water resistance adjustment

3 achat plancha inox 2 feux creative

Click & Turn tightening button for easy adjustments even underwater

4 achat plancha inox 2 feux creative

Soft rubber shock pads to protect your flooring

5 achat plancha emaillee 2 feux creative

Toothed handles for a good grip on the handlebars

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Vertical and horizontal adjustment of the saddle


Warming up / Stretching

To start the sequence, pedal while stretching your arms up and down, on the sides, front, back... Turn your head slowly to the right, left,... You are ready.


Handlebar in sport or comfort mode, this movement allows you to start smoothly by gradually straining the thigh muscles. Alternate pedalling forward and backward. Remember to take a deep breath.

Rowing movements

Sit comfortably on the saddle, pedal at a good pace, release the handlebars and shake your arms sideways to bring the water back to you, then reverse direction, drain the water!


Sport mode handlebar. Imagine a hill to climb and stand on the pedals, slight pendulum movement, increase the pace and then decrease for recovery sequences.

Cyclist / Sprint

Sport mode handlebar. Simulate a race, a sprint leaning forward on the handlebars, hands on the handles and front arms resting on the handlebars. And accelerate! Alternate between sitting on saddle and raised buttock position.


Handlebar sport mode or comfort mode, sitting on the saddle, hands around the handlebar, pedal as fast as you can for several minutes then sprint and then in dancer mode. Sit down on the saddle, resume a slow rhythm, pedal slowly, then continue pedalling, move forward slightly towards the handlebar while maintaining this sitting position but outside the saddle.


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Share Lovee with your friends and family.

The Lovee aquabike is intergenerational, it will please everyone around you. All body types and ages are welcome, except for young children who will have to wait a little longer before using the Lovee.

Whatever your physical condition, to get back into sport or improve your performance, Lovee is for you!


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Lovee will allow you to improve your endurance, while strengthening your legs, abdominals and back muscles.

Stretch and sculpts your body with increased effects thanks to the properties of water while preserving your joints, knees and lumbar vertebrae. Aquabiking is a sport 100% for your well-being and an ally to burn calories and fight cellulite without effort. And finally, the satisfaction of enjoying your pool in a different way.


plancha gaz emaille garantie

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    10-year warranty on the entire aquabike

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Lovee, guarantees a fast and complete care, in case of malfunction

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Replacement of any parts if necessary and free telephone assistance


picto-list-ficheproduit.png     The Lovee aquabike

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Mounting keys

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    An installation guide

picto-list-ficheproduit.png    Elastic transport headband


Data sheet

Product dimensions
106 (length) x 60 (width) x 115 (minimum height) / 147 (maximum height) cm
All swimming pools. All coatings (liner, concrete, ceramic, epoxy paint, PVC, polyester shell)
Parcel dimensions
91 (length) x 89 (width) x 18 (height) cm
12 kg
Removable flexible latex handle strap for easy transport.
Rugged for a good grip in the water. Made of PVC.
316 stainless steel - resistant to water and pool treatments. Professional quality.
10 years all parts
Fast. Bike very easy to assemble.
Clamping knobs
Click & Turn in ABS.
Very comfortable. With padded fabric footwear strap for maximum comfort barefoot.
Soft rubber for all types of floors. Shock absorbers.
Very comfortable foam padded. Ideal in water. Seat in polyurethane and titanium alloy.

Specific References


    For what depth of pool is Lovee Aquabike planned?

    Lovee aquabike adapts to your pool depth between 1.10 M and 1.50 M. These are the classic pool basin heights.

    Can I use my Lovee Aquabike quickly upon receipt?

    Yes, the assembly of the Lovee is very simple, intuitive and does not require any technical skills. The installation guide (with keys at your disposal) will allow you to install it in a few minutes.

    How do I adjust Lovee aquabike's saddle to the right height for my height?

    Seated on the saddle, your leg should be practically in extension at the lowest point of the pedalling movement while keeping the knee very slightly flexed.

    The handlebar should be a little higher than the saddle. Thanks to the click and turn adjustment knob, very easy to use, even in the water, you can finalize the adjustment of the saddle and handlebar according to your sensations.

    How do I adjust Lovee aquabike's feet to the depth of my pool?

    First, test by raising the height of the feet one notch. After a test, and adjusting the saddle height, you can judge if you need to raise the feet. Ideally, you should choose a medium water line at your belly button level when pedalling.

    For which pool coating is the aquabike suitable? For a liner?

    Lovee aquabike is equipped with 4 non-slip PVC suction pads that will fit all liner, concrete, ceramic, epoxy paint, pvc, polyester shell coatings. The skates are designed to protect and provide a smooth grip.

    My pool runs on salt, is that okay?

    Lovee aquabike is in 316 stainless steel quality and is compatible with all water treatments.

    Est ce que je dois sortir l’aquabike tous les jours hors de l’eau pour l’entretenir ?

    L’aquabike peut rester plusieurs jours dans l’eau. Un rinçage à l’eau claire (et séchage avec micro fibre) afin de lui rendre son brillant d’origine est nécessaire uniquement lorsque vous le sortez de l’eau. L’idéal est une sortie hebdomadaire.