But also for the little story....

The aquabike is the story of a common thread... the link between 2 generations. A sport I decided to share with my mom a few years ago when we decided to join a sports club that offered aquabike lessons. A weekly activity to bring mother-daughter together for a common activity. A good time, and above all it was a revelation for us. Unleashing! Relaxing! Sculpting! Energizing! the Aquabike had entered our lives.

LOVEE is the story of a hyphen between a mother and her daughter, a little wink, a signature at the end of a message: Love and then one day, one more E... LOVEE and it stayed, that little tender word that is now materialized by the name of a brand LOVEE AQUABIKE...

That's why I suggest you share Lovee Aquabike with your family, friends... in your pool!

No more appointment constraints, sport with Lovee Aquabike is as you want, when you want!