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Aquabiking exercises

Aquabiking exercises with the Lovee

100% fit! It's up to you to manage your efforts!

For your new aquabiking experience with Lovee Aquabike II, discover how to go beyond the classic pedalling stage and create your own training sequences by choosing and varying the exercises. The ideal way is to alternate between slow and fast pedalling, and to link up the postures while changing the position of your hands on the bottom of the handlebars, the top of the grips, the small central handlebars, etc. Depending on the speed of your pedalling, the force developed by the pedals on the water will increase the resistance. Don't forget to test the resistance settings on the pedals. The aquabike should be adjusted to suit your height and water level. Ideally, the water should be level with your navel.


Warming up and stretching

To start the sequence, pedal while stretching your arms upwards, downwards, sideways, forwards, backwards... Turn your head slowly to the right, to the left... You're all set!


With the handlebars in sport or comfort mode, this movement allows you to get off to a gentle start by gradually working your thigh muscles. Alternate pedalling forwards and backwards. Remember to breathe deeply.

Rowing movements

Sitting comfortably on the saddle, pedal at a good pace, let go of the handlebars and wave your arms to the sides to bring the water towards you, then in the opposite direction, drain the water!


Sport mode handlebars. Imagine climbing a hill and standing on the pedals, gently rocking back and forth, increasing the cadence then decreasing it for recovery sequences.

Cyclist / sprint

Handlebar sport mode. Simulate a race, a sprint, leaning forward on the handlebars, hands on the grips and forearms resting on the handlebars. And accelerate!

Alternate between sitting on the saddle and sitting with your buttocks up.


Handlebars in sport mode or comfort mode, sitting on the saddle with your hands around the handlebars, pedal as fast as you can for several minutes, then follow up with a sprint, then dancer mode.

Sit back on the saddle, pick up a slow pace, pedal slowly, then as you continue pedalling, move forward slightly towards the handlebars while maintaining this seated position but out of the saddle.

Walk mode

Comfort mode handlebars, sit comfortably on the saddle, pedal at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of the water for your legs.

With Lovee bodybuilding elastic

If you have a training elastic (Resistance tube elastic accessory): Position your resistance tube at the front under the handlebar tube adjustment knob to secure it or under the aquabike crankset bar and exert tension with your arms while pedalling.