100% fit! It's up to you to manage your efforts!

For your new aquabiking experience with Lovee Aquabike II discover how to go beyond the classic pedalling stage and create your own training sequences by choosing and varying the exercises. The ideal is to alternate slow and fast pedalling, to link the postures while modifying the hand positions on the bottom of the handlebars, top of the handles, small central handlebars... Depending on the speed of your pedalling, the force developed by the pedals on the water will increase the resistance. Also remember to test the resistance adjustment positions on the pedals. The aquabike must be adjusted according to your size and water level. The ideal is to have water at the navel level.


   Warm-up and stretching

To start the sequence, pedal while stretching your arms up, down, on the sides, front, back... Turn your head slowly to the right, left... You're ready to go!


Handlebar in sport or comfort mode, this movement allows you to start smoothly by gradually straining the thigh muscles. Alternate pedalling forward and backward. Remember to take a deep breath.

  Rowing movements

Sit comfortably on the saddle, pedal at a good pace, release the handlebars and shake your arms sideways to bring the water back to you, then reverse direction, drain the water!


Sport mode handlebar. Imagine a hill to climb and stand on the pedals, slight pendulum movement, increase the pace and then decrease for recovery sequences.

   Cyclist / Sprint

Sport mode handlebar. Simulate a race, a sprint leaning forward on the handlebars, hands on the handles and front arms resting on the handlebars. And accelerate!

Alternate between sitting on saddle and raised buttock position.


Handlebar sport mode or comfort mode, sitting on the saddle, hands around the handlebar, pedal as fast as you can for several minutes then sprint and then in dancer mode.

Sit down on the saddle, resume a slow rhythm, pedal slowly, then continue pedalling, move forward slightly towards the handlebar while maintaining this sitting position but outside the saddle.

  Walking mode

Comfort mode handlebar, comfortable seat on the saddle, pedal at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of water for your legs.

   With the Lovee bodybuilding elastic

If you have a training elastic (Elastic Resistance Tube Accessory): Position your resistance tube at the front under the handlebar tube adjustment knob to hold it or under the bottom bracket bar of the aquabike and exert tension with your arms while pedalling.