Sprint into your pool!

At any age, any level of training, discover the benefits of aquabiking and the advantages of Lovee aquabike, designed for your comfort and well-being. You will enjoy the invigorating benefits of aquabiking by pedalling barefoot, freely in your pool.

Experience your pool in a different way by practising a water sport that changes from swimming. According to your objective, choose your postures and pedalling rhythms, Lovee Aquabike is a pool bike that knows how to adapt.

Beneficial for your body

    Improvement of your endurance

    Muscle strengthening of legs, abdominals, back muscles

    Stretch and sculpt with increased effects thanks to the properties of water while preserving your joints

    100% wellness sport

Resistant and of high quality

    316 stainless steel quality resistant to all water treatment

     A light weight to be easily moved with its wheels and soft handle

    Multiple height adjustments + horizontal saddle adjustment

    Dual handlebar position

    Rubber pads to protect your pool coating

     Easy to maintain

    10 year warranty